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Class Descriptions- Winter Quarter 2018
A gym class will be offered for each age group.

3-4 year olds

Learning through Picture Books- We will explore art, music, sensory fun, and games inspired by the stories in classic picture books
America- Kids will learn about our flag, our country's symbols, and what they mean.

5-6 year

Heroes of the Bible- A fun hands on way to learn about great examples of faith, sacrifice and courage from our Bible Heroes.

Planets- Learning fun facts about our solar system and the planets in it through stories, fun crafts and music.

5+ (2nd & 3rd quarter)

Choir- The goal will be to learn the basics of reading music and singing together.  To help give our children boldness on stage and confidence in themselves through the word of God and the joy that comes with praising our savior Jesus.

7-9 year olds

Forensics- Students will conduct experiments to determine exactly who did what - and how. We will be taking crime scene photos, analyzing fingerprints, handwriting samples, DNA structures, blood spatter and more!

Parents: This class will be using artificial blood. I will not be showing any scary real-life crime scene photos but we will discuss how different types of evidence may be beneficial in different cases. 

Birds- Wanted, young ornithologist to come and explore the world of birds through videos, art, science experiments, and hands-on activities. 

7-12 year olds

Creative Brick Building- Lego lovers will work to complete basic challenges and exercise their creativity and problem-solving skills. We'll play Lego-related games and have lots of time for free building! (This is a different class than winter quarter)

Survival Skills: "Emergency Preparedness"- In this class, for kids ages 7-12, we will learn basic, important skills for emergency preparedness. We will cover topics such as:
1.) How to be prepared in an emergency situation
2.) Natural Disasters
3.) Fire Safety
4.) Community Safety (with an officer from Wadsworth PD)
5.) First Aid (including learning the Heimlich) 
6.) Basic CPR
For those who had children in the first survival skills class last spring, we will touch on several topics we introduced, but go more in-depth in learning and have more time for practicing those skills in this class. Also, if your child has never taken a survival skills class this will be a good introduction for them on the importance of being prepared, staying calm and using good common sense. Due to the content, this class is not suitable for kids under 7 years old or even those who are older than 7 but are not mature enough to handle the content. We will talk about difficult situations and be practicing skills that require self-control and the ability to follow instructions. If you feel your child is not ready we will defer to your judgment. If you have any questions about the class please feel free to contact me.  

Mock Trial- Booker T Wolf has been accused of murdering the two pig brother in this mock trial class for your 7-12 year old. Roles will be handed out to each member of the class, either as a part of the court process, a witness, or a juror. The class will decide: Is he innocent or guilty?


Typing and Calligraphy- We will be going back to the basics to learn proper fingering to increase speed and accuracy when typing. Each students will need their own laptop for the typing portion of class. Calligraphy will be in comprehensive instructions for beginners in Italic hand also known as Chancery Cursive. Students will learn an alternative writing method that is lovely, legible, and fun to use.

Intro to Speech- This class is an intro to speech an public speaking. We will begin with some fundamentals of the English language and basic effective written skills and progress to practical skills in communication, learning techniques in writing and presenting an effective written skills an progress to practical skills in communication, learning techniques in writing and presenting an effective speech. Each student will have the opportunity to write  and give their own speech at the conclusion of the class.

Lego- Free play


Biology- We will using Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd edition By: Dr. Jay L. Wile 
This course once completed will count as one full high school credit for science. We will be doing the labs for the Apologia Science Biology curriculum that you will be doing at home. Please make sure you have the dissection kit and the student notebook. The kit can be shared with a lab partner. This course provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. The student will learn the scientific method, the five kingdoms, dissection, ecosystems, in class labs and investigations to provide opportunities to develop lab skills.

Learning Cultural differences through Geography- We will exam 1-2 countries for a week (current events/geography) and then the week after focus on preparing a dish/food from those areas (2 possible dishes at a time that way everyone can easily take part)