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Medina County Homeschool 
Christian Co-op

The mission of the Medina County Homeschool Christian Co-op
is to enhance what our children are learning at home and to provide social interactions through age appropriate clubs.
We are a Christian co-op where every activity has the goal of being God-honoring and modeling fundamental Biblical truths, while further developing Godly character within our children and ourselves.

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Our Co-op meets on Tuesdays during the school year, in Wadsworth, OH, late September through early May. We have three 8wk quarters. We also stage a production in the form of a play, musical, or talent show at the end of each co-op year. Cost is $20/ nursery aged child & $60/ club aged child.

We are primarily an enrichment co-op, and rely on our members to share their gifts, teaching subjects they are interested in and have a passion for. Club offerings will supplement what the student is learning at home, either as a new "elective" or to support "core" subjects, with a once-a-week opportunity to interact with fellow Christian homeschoolers.

We are a one hundred percent volunteer co-op.

Therefore, everyone who belongs must contribute to the whole for the co-op to exist.

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